• Mortgage Crisis Giving more Woes to the Economy

    The economic scenario seems to be getting worse as the financial sector continuously reporting huge losses from exposure to the mortgage market. Even the residential sector, the commercial real estate sector, and sectors like credit cards, auto loans are moving to a negative territory and are quite at risk.
  • Best Mortgage Interest Rate

    Mortgage Rates
    If you plan to purchase a home or refurbish your existing home you may need a mortgage. Fixed rate mortgages are a rage these days among clients because of their nature, which stipulates interest rates remain fixed for the entire period of the loan
  • 30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgages

    When we talk about mortgages it is always about how can we qualify the most money with the lowest possible payment and where and how can we get the lowest interest rates in the market today. While these are two important issues, there is an additional one that people fail to consider, resulting in significant wasted money.
  • Why You Consider an Adverse Re-mortgage?

    There are many reasons to consider an adverse remortgage, particularly if you have a variable rate adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that is getting close to a scheduled adjustment. Many individuals who borrowed money to purchase a home under the sub-prime lending market have mortgage loans with very unfavorable terms.
  • An Ideal Mortgage

    Buying a home is an exciting prospect. Choosing the location, the floor plan and finally closing the deal. There is an important element that exists in most home sales and that is the mortgage.

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