• Mortgage & Refinance: Debt To Income Ratios

    Debt to Earnings Ratios, often referred to as “DTI’s”, are a crucial calculation employed in the refinance, debt consolidation, and buy mortgage application practice. A debt to income ratio is achieved by dividing your monthly debt payments by your pre-tax income. Debt to income ratios are ultimately used to decide how much money you can borrow, and a detailed knowledge of DTIs can help you get the most value from your refinance, debt consolidation or purchase mortgage transactio...
  • Home Refinancing Rates – When Is It Worth It To Refinance?

    When interest rates were two points below your existing mortgage rate, it was considered a sound rule of thumb to refinance. But with today’s low closing costs, a difference of one percent can save you money on your interest costs. Even with low fees, it only worth it to refinance when you can be sure you can recoup the mortgage costs.
  • Mortgage And Real Estate Information Requested By Debtors

    If you owe money and have a low credit score you could discover that it difficult to get a mortgage loan. In view of these info, you may be interested in asking a professional real estate agent help you to locate a home. These brokers have a database full of houses that stream from land contracts, bad credit approval, and so on. The real estate agent could help you find a residence that you will be able to buy regardless of how bad your credit score maybe.
  • US Treasury Program To Avoid Foreclosure

    Mortgage Rates
    The U.S Treasury Department is going to intoduce a plan that could save all homeowners who are struggling from the foreclosure syndrome. The Department will apply this plan using the collaboration of home loan business leaders. However the analysts have one thing else to say. They believe that this program can't support the banks to survive through the discomfort of residence loan.
  • Ten Mistakes And How They Can Affect Your Mortgage

    Wouldn't it be great if everything in life came with a checklist? Unfortunately, for most of us we have to learn life's lessons the hard way - by experiencing them! Fortunately, for home buyers there are some rules of the game that are well known and can help you avoid major pitfalls when buying a home or refinancing your mortgage.
  • The 7 Sins of Mort gage Brokers

    Don’t get caught out by the bad eggs of the industry. Learn exactly what to look out for when dealing with mortgage brokers to make sure you get the best deal possible.

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