• Getting A 90% Mortgage : The Loan To Value Ratio

    Mortgage Advice
    This is why banks normally do not allow a LTV over 90 percent. However, under the Home Affordable Refinance Program, the LTV ratio on your home can be as high as 125 percent. This benefits borrowers who wouldn't normally qualify for refinance through normal channels. Fannie Mae also
  • Getting A Mortgage For A Manufactured Home: The Basic Facts

    Mortgage Advice
    Most people tend to believe that they can not get mortgage for their manufactured or mobile home. In reality, however, there are a variety of financing options available. You have a mortgage payment and a deed you will receive when you finish your payment, the same as any other type of homeowner, you also have the same home loan options. If your current mortgage rate is higher than the current nationwide rates, or if your credit has improved since moving in, you most likely would save money, or

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