Mortgage Cash out Refinance in texas?

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Mortgage Cash out Refinance in texas?

I've been working to get my home refinanced for the last two years. but my credit score was low, now that my credit score it up they have moved the (Foreclosure) on past homes to 5 years instead of the 3 it use to be. I have always paid my mortgage note ont time and was never late. On my first home for 9 years till the real estate agents really messed me around, telling me go ahead and buy your new home and we will sell your old one. I paid two house notes for 10 Months , and what did they do they broke the keys off in the locks so they left the door open someone got in stole my pool table that was going with the house and trashed the place. they never contacted us and lead us on for 4 months telling us no one was interested in our home. We finally ran out of money and decided to let the house go into Foreclosure (bad mistake) but there was nothing else we could do. now we have been living in our new home over 4 years with no late payments, but no one will refinance us, we really need the cash out option to help get out daughter settled in to Collage. new car, books etc, etc, does any one now of a GOOD AND RELIABLE CO. that can help us. thank you for your assistance.


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